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Special machines

Fladder Denmark offers a wide range of specialized machines designed to meet specific requirements and applications in the metal industry, woodworking industry, and plastic/composite industry.

Our specialized machines include machines for processing large workpieces, machines with multiple workstations, and robot-based machines. These machines are designed to automate the grinding and deburring process, improve productivity, and achieve the desired finish quality.

We also offer specialized machines for processing special materials such as fiberglass, ceramics, and composite materials, which require specialized technologies and processes.

Our specialized machines are of high quality and are designed to meet the demanding needs of modern production. We also offer customized solutions for specific applications and industries.

We provide customer service and support, including advice on choosing the right equipment, training in the use of our machines and accessories, and equipment service and repair.

Contact us for more information about our specialized machines and how we can help optimize your production process.