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Fladder deburring edrounding and sanding


As the inventor of flexible rotating deburring,
Fladder Danmark A/S offers probably the best deburring machines on the market.


Fladder Danmark A/S has since the beginning of the 80’s manufactured a flexible brushing system.

In the following years both manual and automatic machines were developed to be used by the industry.

Today our wide range of products are used worldwide by the woodworking industry, the metal industry, the composite and plastic industry and others.

Areas of application in the metal industry:

  • Sheet metal deburring
  • Machined 3 dimensional deburring
  • Edge rounding
  • Oxide removal
  • Surface finish

FLADDER sheet metal deburring 


Areas of application in the wood and furniture industry:

  • Wood sanding
  • Veneer sanding
  • Denibbing

Forside wood



Areas of application in the composite and plastic industry:

  • Surface preparation

FLADDER forside composite A



Fladder Danmark A/S offers most aspects of automatic machines:

  • Standard one-sided deburring and sanding machines
  • Double sided deburring machines
  • Hybride machines with a combination of pre grinding and deburring
  • Long profile sanding or grinding