Packaging and Recycling Information.

Packaging & Recycling Information

What makes our packaging sustainable?

All packaging material used by FLADDER DANMARK A/S, like boxes, plastic, wooden pallets can be recycled and complies with Forest Stewardship Council® certified (FSC) recycled materials or post-consumer waste (PCW).

  • Wood pallets - FSC certified
  • Masionite
  • Clear plastic PE-LD
  • Strapex band PS
  • Styrofoam EPS
  • Paper

What can be recycled?

Everything we use to package your product can be recycled. Paper and cardboard be recycled locally. Polybags, Strapex band and Styrofoam are recyclable but you may need to locate a special drop off location, depending on your country or region's waste regulations.


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Recycling Code 4:

Strapex band

Recycling Code 5


Recycling Code 6

Committed to reduce waste.

Fladder Danmark A/S is committed to reduce waste by only using minimum packaging needed.