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 highspeed label on front

Deburring for bigger radius and oxide removal on edges after laser cutting

- in the same pass.


As the name indicates the deburring process is based on deburring tools working with high rpms.

The rpm of the deburring tool is adjusted to the speed, where the abrasive material works at its best.

The abrasive deburring tool is made with a high density of abrasive material and still with the flexible ability to create a uniform radius on the edges.


FLADDER Highspeed abrasive cylinder









- a powerful and efficient machine concept

Fladder Danmark is offering a wide range of both manual, automatic and special machines.

The machines are used for deburring, oxide removal, removal of dross, surface finish, denibbing and intermediate sanding.

They are being used by the metalindustry, the woodworking industry and the plastic- and composite industry.