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FLADDER DANMARK A/S has a wide range of machines and tools for denibbing, lacquer sanding and surface finish

The FLADDER sanding/denibbing machines are known by:

  • Proven technology
  • Easier and faster denibbing
  • Long duration of the abrasives
  • Easy tool change.
  • Controllable rounding of edges
  • Processing of items with variable thickness in the same process
  • Uniform quality all over the work piece.
  • Owing to the flexibility of the abrasive tools work pieces with contours or grooves may be sanded.
  • Very efficient vacuum system that will hold even smaller components.
  • Uniform wear of the abrasives. Same denibbing quality during lifetime of abrasives.
  • Better surface and up to 40% reduction in lacquer consumption.


Below you will find typical workpieces.

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