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FLADDER DENMARK A/S offers a wide range of machinery and tools for lacquer sanding and surface finishing of wooden components.

FLADDER® sanding machines are known for their proven technology and ability to deliver lighter and faster lacquer sanding of wood. Our abrasive tools have a long lifespan and are easy to replace. Additionally, our machines can control edge rounding, process components with variable thickness in the same operation, and ensure consistent quality throughout the component.

The flexibility of our abrasive tools allows for sanding of components with contours or profiles, while our efficient vacuum system can hold even smaller components in place. At the same time, our machines ensure consistent wear on abrasive tools, providing the same sanding quality throughout their lifespan.

A FLADDER® surface finish reduces the amount and size of wood fibers on the surface. This means that a smaller amount of primer is needed to seal and saturate the surface. It is not uncommon for the amount of primer to be reduced by up to 40%.

Below you will find typical workpieces.

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