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About Fladder

Fladder Denmark A/S - leading manufacturer of advanced machinery for deburring, edge rounding, and surface grinding.

Fladder® Danmark A/S is a leading manufacturer of advanced machinery for surface grinding, edge rounding, and deburring. The company was founded in 1974 and is headquartered in Ansager, Denmark.

Fladder® Danmark A/S offers a wide range of machines and technologies for surface treatment, including grinding, brushing, polishing and deburring. These machines are designed to meet customers' specific needs and requirements in terms of precision, quality and efficiency.

The company, which has a history as a development center, is known for its innovative approach to surface treatment and is dedicated to developing new technologies and products to improve production processes and achieve better results. Fladder® Danmark A/S has a strong focus on research and development and works closely with customers and partners to find the best solutions.

Fladder® Danmark A/S is an international company and has a global presence with customers and partners all over the world. The company has achieved a strong position in the market through years of experience and a constant strive to improve and optimise their products and processes.

The following describes the development in chronological order - from present to past:


The model AUT is replaced by the 4th generation.

It is named FLADDER 200/GYRO.

The machine is equipped with the latest technology from the GYRO serie.


The 2. generation of LS is built with a cylindrical body.

It is a more flexible construction that makes it possible to position the modules 360o in relation to the work pieces.


With the 400/GYRO model we are able to meet the aircraft industries demand for deburring their machined parts.

Spindelsystem lock-itTM
A new spindle system lock-itTM is introduced and becomes an important part of the FLADDER machines.

The lock-itTM spindles make it faster and uncomplicated to change tools.

The fixation is done by means of the elastic bands that also centers the tools better.

  • FLADDER 150/MICRO - lock-itTM
  • FLADDER 250/AIR - lock-itTM


    The 400/GYRO is made for customers that demands increased capacity, more aggressive sanding or for more heavy duty purposes.

    SC with GYRO technology is combined when building a special machine for polishing car panels.

    The new hand held machine replaces the old model.

    The next generation FLADDER SC, for non-flat work pieces.

    The next generation AUT were introduced.

    On the XYLEXPO exhibition in Mailand the next generation of feedthrough machines for flat work pieces is shown.

    The new machines met the customers demands regarding capacity, increased sanding and integration in automatic lines.

    Several patents are included in the machine.

    The new gearhead technology with 6 counter rotating spindles and multiple movements offered a unique surface.

And the development continued in the 1980s:

  • FLADDER 300/VS
    Machine for vertical processing of work pieces.
    Is used by manufacturers of i.e. doors and windows.

    The machine is built for work pieces up to a height of 3500 mm.

  • FLADDER 300/LS
    Machine for long, straight work pieces like mouldings, skirtings, window profiles etc.

    The machine is built section- and modulewise to meet the customers specifications.

  • FLADDER 300/US
    Machine with 2 counter rotating spindles for denibbing the back side of work pieces.

  • FLADDER 300/RT
    Presentation of a machine with caroussel shaped bed for finishing non flat work pieces.

    The economy machine with 2 counter rotating spindles.


The first automatic feedthrough machine for denibbing of i.e. kitchen cabinet doors are presented on the LIGNA exhibition in Germany.


Participating in the first exhibition in Stockholm, Sweden.Abrasive tools are exhibited together with a machine for sanding edges.

Introduction of FLADDER as a trade mark.

 Shortly after manual machines were developed:



The Development Center Hansen & Hundebøl is established
The idea was to develop solution to manufacturers with a need for automation or rationalize their production process.

Typically it was solutions that were not found in the market.

Thus, Hansen & Hundebøl has developed a variety of industrial machine solutions for various industries.
From the end of the 70s to 1995 the production was aimed at the wood working industry, but due to an increasing demand the products are also being used by the metal industry and are sold to a wide range of industries.

To support our brand internationally and create a relation between our company name and the brand FLADDER®, the company name was changed from Hansen & Hundebøl to Fladder Danmark A/S.

1970 - 1980

Development and patenting of a special, flexible abrasive tool to be used for lacquer sanding by the furniture industry.