Metal front


FLADDER DANMARK A/S has a wide range of machines and tools for deburring, rounding edges and surface finish

- Optimized metal deburring methods for use on different materials and workpieces.

- The FLADDER deburring machines are known by:

  • · Easier and faster deburring
  • · Dry deburring technique without critical heating of the surface
  • · Long duration of the abrasives
  • · Deburring without damaging protective foil or coatings.
  • · Controllable rounding of edges
  • · Uniform deburring of edges around holes and outer contour
  • · Processing of items with variable thickness in the same process
  • · Uniform quality all over the work piece
  •   Owing to the flexibility of the abrasive metal deburring tool work pieces with contours or grooves may be deburred.

Below you will find typical workpieces.

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