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Manual machines and accessories


Fladder Danmark A/S offers a wide range of manual machines and accessories suitable for deburring, surface finishing, and intermediate lacquer sanding in the metal industry, wood industry, and plastics industry.

Our manual machines consist of both air-driven, battery-powered, and electric models for more stationary applications or integration into other machine setups. The air and electric hand machines are characterized by high performance while being easy to handle, and they can be used with a variety of materials. Variable speeds make it easy to achieve the desired finish.

Our accessories include flexible sanding drums in a range of different grain sizes and densities, manufactured in our own factory to ensure the most optimal performance.

We also offer customer service and support, including advice on selecting the right equipment, as well as training in the use of our machines and accessories. Additionally, we provide equipment servicing and repairs.

Contact us for more information about our manual machines and accessories, and how we can assist in meeting your needs for deburring, surface finishing, and intermediate lacquer sanding.