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Very compact deburring machine

Fladder® CC is a very compact deburring machine with a small footprint of approx. 1,5 m2.

The machine is built with a lower and upper cylindrical sections, between which a Ø 1035 mm circular vacuum table is rotating, allowing workpieces to be fed manually or automatically.

The Fladder® CC is equipped with a concentric rotating Module with a conical spindle for mounting of a 250 mm Lock-It™ spindle.

                                                                      CC view inside with cc arrows small


The workpieces are processed within the area between Ø 1035 and Ø785 mm, covering an Ø250mm working area.


                                                                 Working area


The center of the revolving table has a number of valves connected to a built in vacuum system that mechanically opens and closes the valves to concentrate the vacuum fixation to the working area, giving a very strong vacuum hold. The vacuum air system is kept clean by means of two filters.

The operation of the machine is very easy with the control panel within reach for fast adjusting of the functions on the built in touchscreen.

The machine body is powder coated and solid built with a big sliding glass door and strong internal flood light that offers a perfect view of the process.

As the machine functions are controlled by frequency inverters, the power consumption is low.

Technical data

  • Number of spindles (diameter and length):
    1 x 100x250 eller 1 x Ø200x250 mm
  • Working width with vacuum hold:
    Ø250 mm
  • Working height:
    940 mm
  • Infeed speed:
    0,5 - 4,3 m/min.
  • Machine width:
    1180 mm
  • Max. Work piece thickness:
    20 mm
  • Max. power consumption:
    6,0 kW
  • Net weight:
    525 kgs
  • Fuse:
  • Voltage:
    3 x 400/500V
  • Total height:
    2100 mm
  • Total length:
    1290 mm
  • Extraction:
    1700 m3/t, 500 PA
  • Vacuum table:
    1035 mm