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Machinery for the Metal Industry

FLADDER DENMARK A/S offers a wide range of machinery and tools for deburring, edge rounding, and surface finishing of metal components.

Our deburring machines are designed to optimize deburring processes on various materials and component types. With FLADDER deburring machines, achieving easier and faster deburring is possible, thanks to our dry deburring technology without critical surface heating. Additionally, our abrasive tools have a long lifespan and can deburr without damaging protective films or coatings.

FLADDER® deburring machines are also known for their controllable edge rounding and uniform deburring of edges around holes and outer contours. Due to the flexible abrasive tools, components with variable thicknesses can be processed in the same operation, delivering consistent quality throughout the component.

Thanks to the flexibility of our abrasive tools, three-dimensional components can also be deburred. We offer solutions suitable for a wide range of different components and can help optimize the deburring process in your production.

Below are typical components on which our deburring machines and tools can be used:

  • Sheets and profiles in most metals.
  • Machine parts and components.
  • Castings.
  • Pipes and pipe components.
  • Sheets and profiles in stainless steel.
  • Aluminum and aluminum alloys.

Below you will find typical workpieces.

Click on one of them to see which machines we recommend.