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- a powerful and efficient machine concept

Manual and automatic deburring and grinding machines designed for multiple industries

Fladder Denmark carries a wide range of manual, automatic and specialised machines.

The machines are used for deburring, surface finishing and lacquer grinding.

The machines are used in the metal, wood and plastics industries.

Inventor of flexible rotary deburring machines

Fladder Danmark A/S has been manufacturing a flexible sanding system since the early 80s.

In the following years, both manual and automatic machines were developed for several industries.

Today, our wide range of products are used worldwide by the woodworking industry, metal industry, composites and plastics industry and others.

Applications in the metal industry:

  • Plate deburring
  • Deburring of milled 3-dimensional workpieces
  • Edge rounding
  • Removal of edge oxides
  • Surface finishing

Application areas In the wood industry:

  • Wood sanding solid wood
  • Wood sanding veneer
  • Lacquer sanding

Application areas In the composites and plastics industry:

  • Surface matting for better adhesion.

Fladder Danmark A/S offers a wide programme of automatic machines:

  • Standard single-sided deburring and grinding machines.
  • Double-sided deburring machine.
  • Hybrid machine with a combination of grinding and deburring.
  • Grinding/deburring of long profiles.