The FLADDER® Abrasive Cylinders with a tubehub is developed especially to be used on our  lock-itTM spindle Ø100 or Ø200 mm.

The Abrasive Cylinder can be used on flat as well as 3 dimensional workpieces.

They can be delivered with a variable density of 7, 9 og 11 mm.

Grit size P100, P150, P180, P220 and P320.


Ø150 MM     Item No.    Item description
150/50x7     150507xx    FLADDER Cyl. 150/50x 7 mm
150/50x9     150509xx    FLADDER Cyl. 150/50x 9 mm
Ø250 MM    


    251007xx    FLADDER Cyl. 250/100x  7 mm
250/100x9      251009xx    FLADDER Cyl. 250/100x  9 mm
250/100x11     251011xx    FLADDER Cyl. 250/100x 11 mm
Ø300 MM     
300/100x7      301007xx    FLADDER Cyl. 300/100x  7 mm
300/100x9      301009xx    FLADDER Cyl. 250/100x  9 mm
300/100x11      301011xx    FLADDER Cyl. 250/100x 11 mm
Ø350 MM     
350/100x7      351007xx    FLADDER Cyl. 350/100x  7 mm
350/100x9      351009xx    FLADDER Cyl. 350/100x  9 mm
350/100x11      351011xx    FLADDER Cyl. 350/100x 11 mm
Ø400 MM     
400/200x7      402007xx    FLADDER Cyl. 400/200x   7 mm
400/200x9      402009xx    FLADDER Cyl. 400/200x   9 mm
400/200x11      402011xx    FLADDER Cyl. 400/200x 11 mm