Deburring of machined workpieces

The purpose of the machine is to deburr 3 dimensional machined work pieces.

It is a deburring process that mostly is done manually.

The most powerful machine in our program FLADDER® 400/GYRO is used.

Because of the 3-dimensional shape of the workpieces the machine has a special developed transportsystem on which the workpieces are held by means of manual fixation, pneumatical fixation or by means of vacuum.The processtime and handling is reduced significantly.

Powerful gearhead

The machine is equipped with a robust, powerful gear head mounted with 6 cone spindles on which different kind of spindles can be used.

The spindles are in pairs counter rotating while the complete gearhead is performing an oscillating and rotating movement over the surface of the work piece.

This ensures a sufficient finishing and deburring of edges on the workpieces.

It is possible to operate the machine either manually or by using the programs entered. The setting for the programs are normally found by intensive tests in cooperation with the customer.