FLADDER® MODUL is a unit with 2 motors with counter rotating spindles mounted on an aluminium plate.

As an option the module can be delivered with a pneumatic driven guide that provides positioning of the abrasive tools.

The module is suitable to be built into existing or new machines.

The module is delivered with lock-it™ spindles that centers the abrasive tools better and thereby reduces the vibrations from the tools.

    MODUL 150 MODUL 300
Motor 2 x 0,75 kW 2 x 1,5 kW
Voltage 3 x 400V 50-60 Hz 3 x 400V 50-60 Hz
lock-itTM spindles 2 x Ø100 x 150 mm       2 x Ø100 x 300 mm     
Abrasive Cylinder *)       Ø250 - Ø300 Ø25+ - Ø300
Weight 54 kgs 59 kgs


*) The abrasive cylinders can be combined with different density and grit size.