Ideal for finishing workpieces that would normally be difficult to hold during the finishing process.

The machine is suitable for shaped plywood parts, furniture components, assembled chair parts, toilet seats, machined aircraft parts, automotive parts, curved plastic parts.

Workpieces are held firmly during the process by special made fixtures.

Pneumatic or vacuum fixtures may be the solution.

Machine height 2210 mm
Machine width incl. caroussel 4000 mm 
Machine length incl. caroussel 4500 mm
Caroussel working height 800 mm
Working width 1200 mm
Max height workpiece 100 mm
Feed through speed 0,3 - 10,0 m/min.
lock-itTM spindles and length 6 x Ø100 x 350 mm
Voltage 3 x 400/500V - 50/60Hz
Max/min. fuse 32 A
Max power consumption 15 kW
Dust collecting 2500 m3/t
Net weight 1700 kgs