A section built machine, according to customer specifications.

When developing the LS machine the focus was on a flexible and compact construction with as few components as possible.

Our choice was a circular machine body - built sectionwise with 1 or 2 modules in each section.

This gave us all the possibilities to build a machine according to the customers specifications - at standard machine price.

A circular body has some advantages:

It gives a stabile construction and the positioning of the modules can be anywhere inside the circular body. Thus the modules can be placed in the ideal position and angle to the work pieces.

Every module we put into the sections has 2 motors with counter rotating spindles.

The motors are mounted on a guide with a sensor for the positioning of the module towards the work pieces.

Every module is connected to a frequency inverter, which makes it possible to have individual rpm on every module.

This is an advantage in case there are places on the work piece where less agression is needed.

Because of the compact construction the machine takes only little space on the workshop floor.

The big, hardened and laminated windows offer a very good overview of the process and when opened there is excellent access to the machine inside - for example when doing the settings of modules or cleaning.

The machine is simple to operate due to the touchscreen with its clear, easy to use menu.

The operator can choose between manual or automatic use.

The machine is ideal for long, profiled parts like: Metal: Extruded parts, stringers, tubes etc. and Wood: Window components, skirtings, architraves, mouldings etc. lock-itTM spindles.

The machine is equipped with  lock-itTM spindles, making it possible to position the abrasive tool randomly on the spindle.

It also means that segments of brushes can be used - it is not necessary to use the full length of the spindle.

Machine height 1660 mm
Machine width 1460 mm 
Machine length - Main Section 1710 mm
Machine length - Additional Section 650 mm
Working height 850 mm
Max. working width 200 mm
Max workpiece - width and height Ø 200 mm
Feed speed 0,5 - 25,0 m/min.
Spindles modules 2 x Ø100x150 mm
Voltage 3 x 400/500V, 50/60Hz
Min/max fuse 16A/32A
Max energy consumption - 4 sections, 8 modules 17,5 kW
Dust collection per section 1000 m3/h
Sockets dust collection 1 x Ø200 mm
Net weight 725 - 1500 kgs