FLADDER® 300/GYRO Widebody

Widebody - for deburring of extra large and wide parts.

As the name indicates we introduce a deburring machine, that is aimed at customers doing very big and wide parts.

The standard dimensions of sheet metal plates are increasing  - currently up to 2000 mm in width.

With this new widebody deburring machine we are offering a standard machine solution for the bigger parts.

We are simply extending the body width of a standard machine into almost any desired working width.

This is only possible due to our existing oscillation system with the wellknown gearhead with the 6 counter rotating brushes.

The fixation of workpieces is done by a powerful vacuumsystem.



Machine height including vacuum pipes 2770 mm
Machine width including i vacuumturbines 4260 mm 
Machine length 2440 mm
Working height 856 mm

Working width

Vacuum width

2100 mm

1500 mm

Max. height workpiece xxx mm
Max. width workpiece 2100 mm
Conveyor speed 0,5 - 3,5 m/min.
Spindles lock-itTM 6 x 100x350 mm
  6 x 200x250 mm
Tension 3 x 400/500V
Max/min. fuse 63/63 A
Max. power consumption 33,0 kW
Net weight 2800 kg
Dust collection 5000 m3/h, 500 PA