A machine for deburring both top and bottom of workpieces in one pass.
The machine can be operated manually or be integrated in automatic lines.

The standard machine FLADDER 300/GYRO with a working width of 1300 mm is used for the top-bottom machine.
Or – to be precise - two of them: One normal machine (1) to do the top side and a machine (2) which, – turned upside down – is doing the bottom side.

The machine is built to cope with the customers variety of workpieces.

There are big and small work pieces with different shapes.

A very powerful vacuum system is used to hold the workpieces during the deburring process.

The transfer from machine 1 to machine 2 happens smoothly due to electronically synchronized speed of the conveyor belts.

Fladder Danmark has of course implemented its well known deburring technique with a rotating and oscillating gear head equipped with 6 counter rotating spindles.

It secures a uniform deburring of all edges because they are being brushed from different angles a numerous number of times.

It also means uniform wear of the tools.

The gear head is mounted with the lock-itTM spindles, which offers quick change of the tools and a centering that minimize the vibrations from the tools during the operation.

Can be integrated in automatic lines

As the new machine has the same technical specifications as the FLADDER 300/GYRO, it is possible to integrate it in an automatic line with i.e. laser- or punching machine, deburring, palletizing and bending.

Simple to operate.

The functions of both machine 1 and 2 are handled from one central control panel.

The major part of the control is done using the touchscreen.

Total height 4143 mm
Machine width 2300 mm 
Total length 3843 mm
Height of conveyor belt 848 mm
Working width 1300 mm
Max part height 0-3 mm
Max part width 1300 mm
Infeed speed 0,3 - 10,0 m/min.
Spindles lock-itTM 6 x 100x350 mm
  6 x 200x250 mm
Voltage 3 x 400/500V
Max/min. fuse 63/63 A
Max power consumption 33,0 kW
Net weight 3000 kg
Dust collecting 5000 m3/h, 500 PA