FLADDER® 300/GYRO HYBRID grinding and edge rounding machine.

The FLADDER® HYBRID is designed for grinding workpieces that require calibration grinding on the surface and rounding of edges.

Workpieces are advanced on a common conveyor belt through the two grinding processes.

FLADDER Hybrid grinding and edge rounding machine open

Grinding workpiece surfaces

In order to achieve optimum cycle times for the two very different grinding processes and avoid unintended heating of the workpiece, the calibration grinding is carried out by a transverse grinding belt which is briefly brought into contact with the workpiece surface by reciprocating contact wheels.

The short contact time with the workpiece ensures the workpieces from inappropriate heating and ensures optimal utilization of the sanding belt. The workpieces can then be presented to the conveyor belt at a pace which is solely determined by the extent of the subsequent edge rounding.

Edge rounding

In order to produce true uniform radi on all edges, it is a prerequisite to use radial flexible grinding cylinders, the structure and density of which must be selected based on the task at hand.

Depending on the desired process time and the amount of edge rounding, it is important to be able to freely choose the spindle RPM in the range of 300-2000 RPM, which is possible with the well-known oscillated FLADDER 300/gearhead.

Total height 2210 mm
Machine width 2300 mm 
Total length 2770 mm
Height of conveyor belt 850 mm
Working width 1300 mm
Max part height     50 mm
Max part width deburring 1300-1500 mm
Max part width grinding 1200 mm
Infeed speed 0,3 - 10,0 m/min.
Spindles lock-itTM 6 x 100x350 mm
  6 x 200x250 mm
Grinding belt dimension 300 x 6000 mm
Grinding belt speed stepless up to 30 m/sec.
Motor capacity 2 pcs. 2,2 kW built in to Ø350 mm drive drums.
Contact wheel Ø200 x 250mm mounted on Ø40 mm cone.
Voltage 3 x 400/500V
Max/min. fuse 63/50 A
Max power consumption 30,0 kW
Net weight 3000 kgs