One machine for many types of work pieces.

Pertect for laser cut, punched or watercut work pieces.

ametal24a  Rustfri med folie  tyndpl

Aluminium before after Perforeret plade Galvaniseret formet emne 


The use of the brushes ensures a uniform deburring...

- on the out- and inside edges

- on both circular and square shaped holes

- in most cases also on bended or shaped work pieces.

The impact on the surface is only a few micron which makes it possible to debur work pieces with a protectve foil, galvanized work pieces or aluminium with a cladding.

 We offer solutions on different kind work pieces and materials, i.e.

Mild steel - Aluminium - Stainless - Titanium - Galvanized parts - Composite and Plastic

 stainless before after